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Our Mission

 Our Vision: "Embracing Christ for a Better Life!"

To see Individuals, families, and communities experiencing a better life through an embraced right relationship with Christ, themselves, and others as we become: 

  • RESOLVED in our Love,
  • REAL in our Relationships,
  • RELEVANT in our Community, 
  • and READY for Eternity!

Our Mission: Matthew 22:37- 40; 28:19 - 20

To Worship - Transforming spiritual hunger into devotion to God

To Community - Building *Covenanted Relationships that transcend cultural diversity

To Discipleship - Equipping individuals to intentionally become like Jesus

To Ministry - Becoming free to dream, live, and pursue redemptive relationships

To Outreach -  Discovering the anointed mantles of His interests in reaching people

         * Covenanted Relationships = Learning what it is to be in a blood binding commitment to Christ through     committed relationships here in faith community together.

Our Values:  Live Righteously - What does my faith bring me too? 

Through the Life Transforming work of Christ on the Cross, we live a life surrendered and abandoned to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our relationships, finances, work, and play. Walking in Alignment and agreement to the Father in heaven, breaking every agreement with this world and our past, so to become like Jesus in every way (1 Jn 1:7; 2 Cor 9:8; Jn 8:10-11)

Be Intentional - Am I asking the Right Questions? 

Understanding that great success comes through implemented process of discipleship, mentorship, and experience. So providing multiple opportunities for individuals to take intentional steps for personal and spiritual growth through every means and mediums possible. (Lk 2:52; 2 Tim 2:15)

Love Naturally - What does His Love look like in me? 

Our love for our community, city, county, and world causes us to reach out and touch lives naturally with the resources, talents, and giftings we have. Washing the feet of the broken, lost & hurting (Jas 1:27;  1 Cor 9:22; Jn 13:12-14)

Give Generously - Am I Interested in what He is Interested in?

Securely owning what Christ has done in our lives, we freely give ourselves away, being poured for His ultimate purpose (Matt 10:8; 2 Cor 8:1-3; Phil 2:17; 2 Tim 4:6-8)