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Get Started!

Welcome to New Life!

New Life is a where people can be real, no matter what their background is. It is a place where you can find Jesus, especially His love and grace!  It’s a place to be yourself, to  find healing and safety, to grow spiritually, to build friendships, and to find and  fulfill your calling.

Everyone is welcome at New Life, regardless of your story, your questions, your doubts, or your struggles. We do not pretend to have it all together or all the answers, but we know loving and caring God who does. You fit in at New Life. You belong here.


If you are active duty or a veteran, or a dependent, you will find a people who have been in your shoes and that care.

If you have been struggling with the issues of life, don't feel alone and full of despair. You have found a place of hope!

What to expect on Sunday.

  • No dress code! newlifer’s look like and dress like you!
  • Friendly people that will more than just shake your hand
  • An eager staff that will answer any and all questions you have.  
  • If you have kids, they’re going to be safe, they’ll have fun and they will hear about Jesus.
  • There’s going to be a worship band for you to sing along with or just listen to the music and its message.
  • There will be a time when we pause to pray you and your needs. Our God delights in answering prayer
  • A speaker will share a 35 to 45 minute message using the Bible that will surprise you with it’s relevance to your life situation.…and the whole thing will be about 70  - 80 minutes!

More than just Sundays.

Teaching people to go on the mission with Jesus means more than just weekend gatherings.

It includes:

  • Becoming part a group.
  • Serving at a campus, in the community, and in the world.
  • Providing kids with ways to go on the mission.
  • Enabling youth to be people becoming the church.
  • And much. much more!
Check out the rest of our website for all of the opportunities to get together, to learn, to give, and reach our community, county, state, country, and world with Christ.
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