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H.A.D. - Hope for Additions/Dependencies.

A partnership ministry with New Life Assembly of Bremerton for those who struggle with drugs, alcohol, and other additions; their families and friends.

Do You Want to be Free!

         The purpose of H.A.D. Ministries is to meet the needs of people whose lives have been affected by drugs, alcohol or other addictions. We come together to help one another recover by sharing our experiences, strengths, and hope, recognizing Jesus Christ as the Truth that sets us free.  This ministry is based on the following steps:
1.  I realize I have a problem over which  I am powerless.
2.  I desire to be free from this problem.
3.  I believe I can be set free from this problem only with  God’s help.
4.  I choose to let God take over my life, including my  problem.
5.  Letting God take over my life means I must be disciplined in my relationship with Him. 
6.  Having a right relationship with God means I must also have  a right relationship with others.
7.  Being set free from this problem, I can now share my  experience with others. 

Group Leader: Alan McNeil, who can be reached at rockfourgod@gmail.com  or (360) 627-7431   Meets Monday nights at the New Life Bremerton Main Campus, located at 1305 Ironsides Ave, Bremerton, WA.

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